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This is our true North
This is our true North

BrewDog Believe

These are core beliefs shared by everyone at BrewDog. Values we fight for every day that underpin our business at every turn. This is #BrewDogBelieve.

These are the things we believe in.

We believe in world-class craft beer

And we are on a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. To put the taste, the passion and the craftsmanship back into people’s beer glasses. This is our true north.

We believe in community ownership

We are proud that our business is part-owned by a community of over 96,000 beer lovers from all over the planet. Our Equity Punks are the heart and soul of BrewDog and are with us every step of the way.

We believe in independence

In an industry dominated by multi-national conglomerates controlled by faceless accountants and balance sheets, we are making a stand for independence. Authenticity is everything. We are drawing a line in the sand for craft.

We believe that business can be a force for good

Giving back is everything. Via our groundbreaking Unicorn Fund, we give away 20% of our annual profits. 10% is shared equally between our teams and 10% is donated to charities chosen by our team and community.

We believe in radical transparency

All 326 beer recipes, given away for free to the global home brewing community. Our accounts and financial results freely available. Our profits and future plans shared. The future of business is to hide nothing. Involve everyone.

We believe in being a great employer

We completely believe that our long term destiny will be dependent on how well we look after our amazing people. We care about great craft beer and incredible people. Without us we are nothing.

We believe in taking a stand

Most companies are scared to take a stand for the things they believe in. WE. ARE. NOT. SCARED. We are passionate advocates for doing things the right way and being true to ourselves.

We believe that good people drink good beer

People like you.


1 Fill your box with your favourite brews.

Our largest delivery boxes have 24 slots, and can fit up to:

Can 48 x Cans
(330 or 440ml)
Bottle 24 x Bottles
(Any size)

2 Checkout for Free Delivery.

Fill at least 23 out of 24 slots and you'll get free delivery.

Once you've hit one full box, that's free delivery on your entire order!

*For free delivery exclusions and deliveries outside of the UK please click here.